VSK Group culture is aligned with 6 powerful core values which connect members of the workforce, create a common voice and improve the entire company’s well-being. This is the foundation for VSK Group’s distinguished success and sustainable growth.


At VSK Group, each member is given advice on their own path of career development, from a management trainee to a full-time employee, to one of the senior managers at the company. VSK Group respects every member of the team and creates opportunities for employees to be challenged.


As an intern at VSK Group, you will be given the opportunity to get real on-the-job experiences, mentorship and training while being paid just like an official employee of the company.


Let’s make every effort to show our own strength and collective strength to develop sustainably and outstandingly together. VSKGroup always welcomes you to become a member of the company.


VSKGroup always creates conditions for capable Warriors to have internal promotion opportunities. You can develop further and become one of the leaders of the company.

With the goal of comprehensive and sustainable development, VSKGroup always focuses on investing in building and developing human resources. The capability assessment system enables the Board of Directors to build an appropriate training route from basic to advanced stages, dedicated to each level and each department.

Our experienced in-house trainers have the professional expertise to deliver high-impact training courses for all company employees. Furthermore, we also organizes annual external training courses for management levels to bolster their management skills and achieve leadership success.

In addition to developing employee capability, VSK Group has constructed a competitive salary structure compared to the average company of the same industry. On top of the monthly salary, VSK Group rewards employees with performance-based bonuses on monthly, quarterly and yearly bases in recognition of employees’ contribution and to encourage them to grow further.

VSK Group always ensure employees fully participate in compulsory insurance regimes (social insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance) according to the provisions of the Labor Laws, and offers many benefits such as: 24h accident insurance, healthcare insurance, annual health check, teambuilding, lunch allowance, gifts on holidays/ Tet, birthday, marriage, etc.

At VSK Group, we create a young and dynamic working environment for our employees. The Board of Directors are passionate people who always make decisions, development strategies for employees and ensure the sustainable development of the company. VSKGroup invests in infrastructure and applies modern technologies to its operations. The office is built with an open space to create an environment for interaction and connection between employees and departments. Effective internal communication, helping employees understand the values ​​and mission of themselves and the company.