Directly imported from South Korea, Vital Gin red ginseng drink is continuously upgraded to offer the finest versions in terms of quality and aesthetics. This allows you to select it as a health gift for your loved ones, partners, and friends, conveying wishes for good health. The 3 new versions of Vital Gin are truly a health gift, encapsulating the pure essence of 6-year-old Korean red ginseng for the Vietnamese people.


The main ingredient of Vital Gin is 6-year-old red ginseng grown in the Geumsan region of South Korea, renowned for ginseng cultivation due to its optimal soil conditions and year-round cool weather. Thanks to these ideal conditions, the ginseng cultivated in the Geumsan region reaches the maturity of 6 years, the optimal age for ginseng to absorb nutrients and contain the highest level of Ginsenoside.

The ginseng roots meeting the standards undergo an elaborate processing procedure: drying and steaming 4-6 times until the ginseng content is reduced to approximately 14%, resulting in what is known as red ginseng. This process significantly enhances the levels of Ginsenoside and Saponin in red ginseng while eliminating the heat and warmth characteristics of raw ginseng. This contributes to its high nutritional value, making it a premium herbal remedy.

Each bottle of Vital Gin imported from South Korea contains not only 6-year-old red ginseng but also a variety of precious herbs and taurine to provide additional energy, boost immunity, and enhance the flavor, making it more delicious and easy to consume. It is suitable for a wide range of consumers.

Vital Gin: 3 Luxurious Red Ginseng Versions

VSK Group proudly brings the “Gold Drop from the Earth” from South Korea closer to Vietnamese families with Vital Gin red ginseng water. The natural essence from the fertile Geumsan region produces high-quality ginseng roots with a high saponin content that supports health and well-being. The design of the 6-bottle box is continuously upgraded, exuding elegance and bearing the essence of Korean culture, with 3 special editions for gifting to loved ones and partners as a wish for good health.

  • Vital Gin Diamond with fresh ginseng roots helps restore health and improve memory for the elderly.
  • Vital Gin Platinum, enriched with taurine, helps combat aging, enhances liver function, and reduces the harm of alcoholic beverages.
  • Vital Gin Gold, blended with honey, helps reduce stress and enhances vitality for men.

Vital Gin products have received HACCP and GMP quality assurance certifications and meet the quality standards insured by Samsung Korea Insurance Company.

Vital Gin – the essence of red ginseng, caring for the health of the whole family.

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