The trend of green living is gradually gaining popularity worldwide and making a significant contribution to creating a sustainable future for our planet. In Vietnam, modern families, in addition to embracing green technologies and engaging in gardening, are also promoting green consumption. They particularly prioritize choosing products sourced from nature to aim for comprehensive health, encompassing both physical and mental well-being.

“Eat Clean – Live Green” and the Benefits of Using Natural Nutritional Solutions

The rapid and invisible societal development has created a whirlwind, leaving people with limited time to focus on their daily meals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In 2020, the obesity rate in children was 19% (a 2.2-fold increase compared to 2018), and the cancer mortality rate in Vietnam was 73.5%, significantly high on a global scale. These alarming figures serve as a partial reminder of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The “Eat Clean – Live Green” trend is beginning to gain prevalence and strong attention from those pursuing a green lifestyle in particular, and individuals looking to enhance overall quality of life in general.

Modern families are inclined to choose organic, natural-origin foods with clear origins, reputable brands, and safety certifications to ensure safe and health-promoting meals.

Using natural products is one of the essential aspects of the “Eat Clean – Live Green” lifestyle because:

High Nutritional Content, Easy Digestibility

Natural-origin foods typically contain a diverse range of minerals, vitamins, fiber, and various forms of fats and proteins. Moreover, these natural foods have a structure that aligns with the human body, facilitating easy absorption and optimal utilization. We can achieve adequate nutrition even with smaller quantities by consuming these products.

Furthermore, various natural plant-based foods have been demonstrated to have low nitrate levels. Elevated nitrate levels in food are associated with an increased risk of certain types of cancer.

Natural Flavor, Enhanced Deliciousness

Natural products are typically minimally processed, with a deliberate effort to limit synthetic flavorings to the fullest extent. The objective is to preserve the natural integrity of the ingredients and the essential compounds required to produce the distinct delicious taste and aroma characteristic of the ingredients.

Environmentally Safer

The production process of natural products requires less energy compared to industrial products and avoids the use of chemical pollutants during manufacturing. This helps in safeguarding the environment and reducing energy consumption.

Contributes to Local Promotion and Community Economic Development

The production and consumption of natural products contribute to economic development at the local level, creating employment opportunities for the community. Additionally, it helps in promoting the unique characteristics of the province or region to both the nation and the world.

From Natural Swallow Nests, VSK Group Provides Nutritional Solutions for Modern Families

Swallow’s nests are a natural health boon, rich in proteins and indispensable amino acids such as Arginine, Leucine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Valine, boasting a high content of 34.31%. These compounds hold significant nutritional value and are pivotal in enhancing immunity, fortifying bones and joints, mitigating stress, ameliorating memory, thereby elevating the quality of life.

VSK Group consistently strives to introduce premium health brands sourced from nature, with swallow nests from Hoi An being the principal constituent:

  • Justnest, Bird’s Nest Drink 100% Genuine, offers 7 delightful aromatic profiles when coupled with invigorating fruit extracts. With 8% swiftlet nest content and supplemented vitamins C, A, E, it furnishes adequate daily energy and nutrition suitable for all age groups. It adheres to the 2 “nos”: No added preservatives, No artificial colors.

  • Dailynest – Bird’s Nest Cereal Milk Powder is an innovative fusion of 100% authentic swiftlet nest essence from advanced freeze-drying technology and multigrain swiftlet oats milk, fortified with vitamins E, A, D3. With a commitment to no preservatives, no artificial colors, and a 5% swiftlet nest content, it ensures a nutritionally rich repast, augmenting daily vitality and well-being. It complies with the 3 “nos”: No added preservatives, No artificial colors, NON-GMO

“Clean eating – green living” can commence by opting for convenient, nature-derived products like Justnest and Dailynest for your nuclear family. Small daily metamorphoses usher in substantial changes, propelling a sustainable green lifestyle into the future.

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